Friday, June 22, 2012

Tutorial for refinishing a chair bottom

I got this awesome fabric at Old Time Pottery (didn't even know they sold fabric. Got 6 yards for $25.00.  The batting is rather expensive. I had a coupon at Joann's and it was still $10.00 a yard. I bought 4 yards. It was plenty enough to do 6 chairs.  I pieced some together and made 4 more seats for some stools. When I finished I sprayed the bottoms with Scotch Guard.
I have 6 of these dining chairs and decided they needed a little extra something.  I had cushions on them, but they never seem to stay on.

The bottom had 6 screws.  I only put 4 back when I finished, that was enough to hold it. 
I laid the seat on the fabric and allowed about 2.5 inches all the way around
I laid the seat bottom onto the 1/2 inch batting (made for cushions) and traced around. Then cut it out which was kind of hard to do.

Then lay the fabric, right side down, then the batting, then the chair bottom (upside down). Pull the fabric taught and add a tack to the middle of each side.

Cut the corners diagonally.

Turn the middle to the corner.

Then neatly fold each side to the middle.

Then tack each side.

Tack all along the edges, pulling the fabric taught.

Screw bottom back on. I loved it.

I went a little crazy with this fabric and refinished several things.  I'll show you tomorrow.

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thatmoxiegirl said...

Woah. I never thought to upholster a hard bottom chair. Thanks for the tutorial!