Saturday, June 23, 2012

More refinishing of chairs

Once I got started I had to put a soft bottom on everything.
This chair was a cheap glider I had in my sewing room for years. It was an awful gray that was peeling.

I moved in to my living room and made slip cover for the back and seat of the chair. Took the arms and the stool top off and tacked them in place.

I had two stools in my dining room with straw bottoms. Just took the seat off like the dining chairs added batting and the bottom back on.

I had these two ikea chairs in my kitchen. Refinished them with some thrifted fabric.

Had 2 stools in my husbands room. I used some fabric that was left over from a bag project.  On these two stools I used one of the old cushions from the kitchen and tacked it down.

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a Matula ikrek said...

What a nice upholstery you made. All of them turned out nice but my absolute favourites are the Farm-chairs in the kitchen. :o)