Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New patterns and purse

Simplicity patterns are $.99 this week at Hobby Lobby. Got 4 new ones. One of the patterns is 2617 purse pattern from Autum Hall. Can't wait to try it.
Made this new purse. Found the material at Joann's remnant table for $1.00. The lining is something I've had since 2000.
The ball team had cupcakes last night. Their team mostly consists of 4 and 5 year old. Most teams are older and this is the first loss (13 - 10).

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time to work outside

It's been so beautiful here. I've been working outside a lot. Saturday we moved the swing set and I painted an old washing machine tub (found buired in the woods). I need to put one more coat of paint on it. It's sitting on a tree stump. The girls love the swing set being close to the woods. They can see the squirrels playing.
Layla and Ruby helped me plant flowers, but they quit pretty fast.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Grandma Queen of Repurposing

This was one of the last quilts my Grandma Marlin made. She wasn't able to quilt it herself. She always had made perfect quilts before. Material in this quilt was old PJ's, dresses, shirts, whatever she had on hand. When I got it I fixed the stars and straightened it out and put binding on it. I love it.

This quilt was made by Thomas' Grandma. It is all hand stitched. I'm sure she did a lot of repurposing also.

New dresses for the girls

Yes, they needed new dresses. They only take about 5 minutes. Forgot about the ears on the one in the middle. Wonder if Ruby will notice.

Happy earth day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dollies and thrift find

The girls loved their babies. I have to make one more for Ruby. She wants another girl. Layla said they needed lots of diapers. She picked out the material on all of her things.
Made a pattern for the diaper and put velcro on the sides.
Found this adorable pattern at Goodwill in a size 7.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I've had this pattern a long time. I've made 4 of these dolls and many of the clothes and the case. I decided to make Layla and Ruby some of these. Layla picked out her material yesterday.This is the quilt top that was given to me and I decided to finish for my daybed. I added borders and I'm going to machine quilt. The back is an off white sheet.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Made a top

Made my first top from Simplicity 2962. It ties in the back. I tried the ruffle sleeve, but didn't like the way it looked on me.

Material is a thrifted sheet I found in July last year. I really wanted a dress from it. But I found so many flaws.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Storms Friday and lovely Easter

What a weekend. Friday lots of storms in Middle Tennessee. Murfreesboro had a tornado and 2 people died and many injured, houses destroyed. We had a storm here with some hail, but nothing bad. My prayers go out to the many people there.
Easter Sunday was a beautiful day. The kids hunted many eggs. I think a total of 4 Easter egg hunts, including one on Saturday.
I made a new dress and purse Saturday. The dress is a thrifed sheet from last week. Purse was material already in my stash (my own design). Dress pattern is Simplicity 2660. I loved the way it looked on me, just didn't get a picture.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thrifting all day

The thrifting time was great. We went to 4 thrift stores and an antique store. I found many sheets at "Music City Thrift Store (it was my favorite) and they had little bags filled with toys for $1.99. Between Vickie and me we got the girls 4 bags of My Little Ponies. Found some cute little squirrels and a pillowcase at the antique store.
My Mom didn't feel very well so she didn't go. Vickie had just gotten out of the hospital on Monday for dehydration. She was feeling great and bought lots of things. Lori found things for the kids. Ruby went with us and she was so sweet. She had her own money and wanted to use it. Can't wait to go again. We all had a wonderful time.

Lady at the antique store said the squirrel is for a rose tea from Wade, England.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A thrift gift for me

My sister got me these 2 tiny chickens at a garage sale last week. She knows what I love.

We picked the coldest day, but today we are going thrifting. There are lots of thrift stores on Nolensville Road in Nashville. I've planned a trip today with Vickie, Mom, Ashley, Lori and Ruby. We'll have to go in Lori's SUV. I can't wait. Hope I have lots of pictures tomorrow.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Layla's first Ballgame

Layla had her first ballgame Saturday. It was a beautiful day. Her team won, she made 1 run. This is the first year for all of them.

Big weather changes. Over the weekend 75, today 40. Freeze warning for the next two nights. Glad I haven't planted anything yet.

Sorry, I was a little shaky on the camera.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Thrifting on Friday

Found some cute things today at Goodwill. Pillowcase, Dora plate, Green material with bunnies is a curtain, child's top, pillow sham. The buttons came off a wool sweater. It's in the washer to shrink.

Thrift find with stormy weather

Found this apron yesterday at Our Thrift Store in Franklin (also found 3 pair shorts for Layla and Ruby). Second one I've found there for $1.00. I have pretty good luck at this store. I've found myself clothes there. Apron needs to be washed. It has several stains. Bought me this pattern at Walmart yesterday (during the storm). There was a tornado warning while I was there and everyone had to stand in the middle of the store. I thought most places want you to be in the back of the store. We were standing there for 10 minutes. It was pretty scary. But no touch downs in that area. Nashville had a tornado with some damage in areas.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Things About Me

Liz wanted to know more about me. So here goes:

I could drink diet vanilla pepsi all day, instead of water
I love pizza
I sunburn very easy (can't seem to tan)
Always lived in rural Williamson County in Tennessee (grew up 6 miles away from where I live now)
I love coffee (black, good coffee)
Robert Plant is my favorite artist (grew up listening to Led Zeppelin) Next favorite is John Hiatt
Grauduated high school in 1974

Started working Fall 1974 at Baird Ward Printing in Nashville (quit when my son was born, went back 5 years later, company changed name to Arcata Graphics, then Quebecor, then Quebecor World, got laid off when plant was shut down, called back 2 years later, got laid off for 6 months, called back and quit last fall. (I worked in 9 different jobs while there).

I am the oldest child in our family, Sister Vickie, 1 year younger, Brother Jeff, 6 years younger, Brother Danny, 8 years younger.
My Sister and I were very close growing up and still are.

I'm the oldest grandchild, my son is the oldest great-grandchild and my grandson is the oldest great-great grandchild (Mother's side)

I've worn glassess since I was 11
I don't have a favorite movie

My Name is Earl
30 Rock
Biggest Loser
Clean House
Ghost Whisper
Mad Men

Fortune Teller - Robert Plant and Allison Kraus
Black Magic Woman - Santana
Blue on Black - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Mr. Jones and Me - Counting Crows
Talk to Jesus - Mindy Smith
Detours - Sheryl Crowe
Magnicifant - U2
Nothing Left to Lose - Mat Kearny
No Sunlight - Death Cab for Cutie
Lovers in Japan - Coldplay
( best station ever (yes, Liz they play Bare Naked Ladies)

Enough about me I want to hear about Cindy Lou

Placemat purse and Layla's first purse

Layla's first sewing experience. She picked out the material, lined with polka dots. She sewed on her machine. I had to resew on mine (after she left). My Easter purse made from my $.50 placemat. This is one of the easier and quickest purses you can make. I used velcro for closures. They were easier to sew by hand.