Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thrifting all day

The thrifting time was great. We went to 4 thrift stores and an antique store. I found many sheets at "Music City Thrift Store (it was my favorite) and they had little bags filled with toys for $1.99. Between Vickie and me we got the girls 4 bags of My Little Ponies. Found some cute little squirrels and a pillowcase at the antique store.
My Mom didn't feel very well so she didn't go. Vickie had just gotten out of the hospital on Monday for dehydration. She was feeling great and bought lots of things. Lori found things for the kids. Ruby went with us and she was so sweet. She had her own money and wanted to use it. Can't wait to go again. We all had a wonderful time.

Lady at the antique store said the squirrel is for a rose tea from Wade, England.

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Liz said...

Those pillowcases look incredible! What great finds.