Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Things About Me

Liz wanted to know more about me. So here goes:

I could drink diet vanilla pepsi all day, instead of water
I love pizza
I sunburn very easy (can't seem to tan)
Always lived in rural Williamson County in Tennessee (grew up 6 miles away from where I live now)
I love coffee (black, good coffee)
Robert Plant is my favorite artist (grew up listening to Led Zeppelin) Next favorite is John Hiatt
Grauduated high school in 1974

Started working Fall 1974 at Baird Ward Printing in Nashville (quit when my son was born, went back 5 years later, company changed name to Arcata Graphics, then Quebecor, then Quebecor World, got laid off when plant was shut down, called back 2 years later, got laid off for 6 months, called back and quit last fall. (I worked in 9 different jobs while there).

I am the oldest child in our family, Sister Vickie, 1 year younger, Brother Jeff, 6 years younger, Brother Danny, 8 years younger.
My Sister and I were very close growing up and still are.

I'm the oldest grandchild, my son is the oldest great-grandchild and my grandson is the oldest great-great grandchild (Mother's side)

I've worn glassess since I was 11
I don't have a favorite movie

My Name is Earl
30 Rock
Biggest Loser
Clean House
Ghost Whisper
Mad Men

Fortune Teller - Robert Plant and Allison Kraus
Black Magic Woman - Santana
Blue on Black - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Mr. Jones and Me - Counting Crows
Talk to Jesus - Mindy Smith
Detours - Sheryl Crowe
Magnicifant - U2
Nothing Left to Lose - Mat Kearny
No Sunlight - Death Cab for Cutie
Lovers in Japan - Coldplay
( best station ever (yes, Liz they play Bare Naked Ladies)

Enough about me I want to hear about Cindy Lou


Liz said...

I sunburn too. A hat and sunblock go pretty much everywhere with me.

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