Friday, January 30, 2009

New baby, grandchildren and sewing

My niece had her baby Wednesday January 28th. I haven't seen him yet, but will definitely have a picture by Sunday. Mom and baby are fine.

I know it's not Summer, but Ruby doesn't. Most of the time it's just panties. This is a dress that was Layla's. Lori is putting it in a consignment sale. But look how cute it is on Ruby. She's a princess.

Got on Amazon and someone had the Stitch by Stitch books. Seems there are 20 volumes and an index book. Some of them were as low as .38. But the shipping is $3.99. That would be for each book I ordered. Think I'll wait a while on that. The volume 1 was $3.99.

Getting out my Spring material and had to make another purse. The purse is from material I bought last year at Joann's in their Home Dec department. I had bought different pieces to make purses when it was on sale.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thrift find

Found these books at Goodwill last night. Got them 1/2 price at $1.50 each. The set should be 16, but guess what? book 1 is missing. I really want to learn to crochet and knit and the first course is in book 1. I glanced through them last night and I think I'll use them. They are from 1986. The patterns for the knitting and crocheting are timeless.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pillowcase dresses

Made a few pillowcase dresses today. Actually I made 5 dresses and cut out 4 more. Just wanted to use them up. Ruby loves to play dress up in them, but she doesn't need that many. So I need to figure out what to do with the rest.

Monday, January 19, 2009

SpongeBob apron

Got the spongebob dress and an apron made. Never got a picture of Layla in her dress. She liked the apron better than the dress, but I made it for Ruby. I made the view that is V neck and it is really low on Layla. She is tiny and I made it by size 5. She'll have to wear a tshirt under it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Work in Progress

Making a quilt for Jakob. I've made him 3 quilts in 11 years. It's time for a big boy quilt. His Dad had some old well worn jeans Lori was going to throw out, so I decided to use these as part of the quilt. I need more jeans. I've made 3 rows so far. I want to have 9 rows with a border. It is a "quilt as you go" rag quilt. This is my first time making one.

Dress for Layla. She had to have Sponge Bob. Had to buy this at Joann's, but I had a 40% off coupon.

Day at the Salon

Yesterday Lori and I took the girls to Sweet & Sassy. A salon for little girls. Layla had the best time. Ruby had fun, but she's a little shy and wouldn't let Lori or me step away from her. She didn't like getting her hair shampooed. No one made her, but she insisted, then hated it. It's kind of expensive for a little girl cut, but once a year wouldn't hurt.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Girls with Roscoe

My babies having a good time with Roscoe. They hadn't seen him in 4 days. Ruby calls him her Clifford Dog. He finally went home yesterday. I think he was getting homesick.

Ruby wears her princess dress all the time. One of the sleeves is torn, so I will have to cut them off and make it short sleeve.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bag for Mom

Got this material a year ago to make my Mom a shoulder bag for Christmas. So here it is a year later. She loves everything Elvis.

Been keeping my grandson and his dog Roscoe this week while my daughter went to Texas to spend New Years with her husband. Very sweet boy and dog.

The girls are at the other grandparents. I will get them tomorrow.