Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bag for Mom

Got this material a year ago to make my Mom a shoulder bag for Christmas. So here it is a year later. She loves everything Elvis.

Been keeping my grandson and his dog Roscoe this week while my daughter went to Texas to spend New Years with her husband. Very sweet boy and dog.

The girls are at the other grandparents. I will get them tomorrow.


Liz said...

You've changed your look! The pink looks good! I bet your mom will love it1

Maggie said...

Cute boy, cute dog, cute bag! I look at that Elvis fabric every now and again, but never know what I'd do with it. You found the perfect use.

Mariechen&Klärchen said...

Du nähst wirklich schöne Sachen.

LG Ivonn

lera said...

An Elvis bag! That's a hoot!