Thursday, August 28, 2008

Couldn't wait to show you

I had to stop and get groceries at Kroger and Goodwill is next door so I had to go in. First of all I found this amazing pyrex bowl. Look it has roosters on it (I love roosters). Never seen this before, not even at the antique mall. I have got to find more of these. I'm addicted.
I also found this pyrex that matches the one I got the other day. It is a divider bowl.

A cute pillowcase that is very yellow. How do I get the yellow out? Does bleach work or should I use vinegar?
So now I can calm down and sew.

Hope you like the aprons

Made these 3 aprons from the round tablecloth I thrifted. The little elephants is from my mom's old stash. I used this same ribbon on a doll dress in 1973. I was very happy to get it along with lots more. Think she also gave me the white ruffle and the rick rack. I enjoyed making these so much. My first attempt on the chicken scratch. It was so much fun and fast to do. I'm giving these to my daughter Lori and her children, Layla and Ruby. Maybe I can get a picture of all 3 wearing them.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some of my new things I thrifted and sew

Some ofthe items I thrifted. $.99 pillowcases, a round tablecloth (see below) and a plastic tablecloth to make pillows for my porch.
This apron from the antique mall 1/2 price $2.50
This is a preview of the things I'm making from the tablecloth above. 2 little aprons and one adult apron.
More 1/2 off linens from the antique mall.
A place for some of my aprons.
I'm so proud of my dining room. I never had one until January this year and I love it. My table and chairs bought separately from Craigslist. My husband made the bench.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Big bag of fabric and pyrex

Got this big 15 pound bag of fabric at Goodwill. It was $7.99 but had some nice fabric, so worth it to me.

These are the ones I didn't want. A lot of ugly knits.

Next three pictures are some of the keepers.

Finally found a pyrex loaf dish, not that I was looking for a loaf dish, but I'll take it for $1.99.
A cute skirt vintage skirt pattern I hope I can wear.

Friday, August 22, 2008

New look

Hope you like my new look. Wanted to make my blog more interesting. I'll still put my beautiful grandchildren's pictures on my blog. I know you want to see them.
I've got many new things I've thrifted. A great half off sale on one of my favorite booths at the Harpeth Antique Mall.
I will be putting those pictures on tonight or tomorrow morning. The grandkids will be over tonight, so I may not have time for that.

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More sheets and pillowcases. I love the ruffled one. Perfect for a dress or gown.
Can't believe I found these embroidered pillowcases at Goodwill for $.99
Apron was made from the thrifted duster here.

Sheet gowns (revisited)

I'm addicted to making these gowns. They are so easy to make and look beautiful.
Made this one for me from a thrifted sheet. My favorite so far.

This one is for my daughter Lori also from a sheet she thrifted. It runs in the family.

Got this lace from my Mom. She used some of this on my clothes when I was a kid.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing the things I made. This is what I love to do.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Thrift shopping

I really love all of my finds lately. Not really sure what to do with all of them. These are rooster curtains.cross stitched and embroidery tablecloth.
pillowcase and a skirt from fleece. Making a sleeveless vest for Layla out of this.
Another pillowcase. I'm loving the white.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm really enjoying thrifting.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Goodwill finds for Tuesday

Adorable clothes for $.50 each.
Ralph Lauren lined shower curtain that looks like a quilt. It is so pretty I couldn't pass it up.
This is a duster, I thought about using for an apron.

7 yards of dotted swiss fabric. Last time I saw any of this was 1984. I'm thinking Christmas dresses.
My thrifted sheets. This is a twin, the pink is a king size.

My gown

This is my gown made from a thrifted sheet. Pretty simple, that's me.