Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sheet gowns (revisited)

I'm addicted to making these gowns. They are so easy to make and look beautiful.
Made this one for me from a thrifted sheet. My favorite so far.

This one is for my daughter Lori also from a sheet she thrifted. It runs in the family.

Got this lace from my Mom. She used some of this on my clothes when I was a kid.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing the things I made. This is what I love to do.


Liz said...

Those sheet gowns are amazing! I love the daisy one - it is perfect with the top of the sheet at the hem.

Anonymous said...

Similar to the gowns my mother and I make. Love the sheet Idea! So.... sweet. Do you have a pattern number? needletop@ yahoo.com
Thanks, Linda in Deep East Texas.