Thursday, July 25, 2013

I love jars

I found this amazing jar in my woods. Yes my woods.  I found many before, but this is the most amazing.  There are several old trash piles that were covered probably 40 years ago.  Over the years the rain has washed up many bottles and jars.  This jar was Sealtest orange juice.  After I washed it many times it was still foggy and dirty. So..........

I added food coloring and mod podge to create this lovely yellow. I do love pinterest and found the idea here.
 Then I spray painted these Ball jars and roughed them a little.  I love them all.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Motorcycle riding and antique store

Thomas and I are having such a good time riding our motorcycle this summer. We usually ride in the late afternoon, but today we went early and stopped by my favorite antique store in Fairview, TN (Old Towne Antiques). Found this adorable jar called a Hottle. Never heard of it, but very cute.

 Ruby loves birds and cages. This one was $4.00 because it has a bad place on the side.

 I've been searching for this calendar for a while. It is 1975 the year we were married.  I love the fall scene at a church. We married on October 17th. Plan on making a wall hanging with some of our pictures included.