Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some of my new things I thrifted and sew

Some ofthe items I thrifted. $.99 pillowcases, a round tablecloth (see below) and a plastic tablecloth to make pillows for my porch.
This apron from the antique mall 1/2 price $2.50
This is a preview of the things I'm making from the tablecloth above. 2 little aprons and one adult apron.
More 1/2 off linens from the antique mall.
A place for some of my aprons.
I'm so proud of my dining room. I never had one until January this year and I love it. My table and chairs bought separately from Craigslist. My husband made the bench.


Jessica said...

That dining room looks so inviting! Perfect for a big dinner. I just love Craigslist!

Liz said...

Your dining room is great! I would have thought it was a set if you hadn't spilled the beans.

lera said...

I'm still playing catch-up from vacation.

I can't believe all of the good things you found thrifting! I definitely think the thrifting gods have been shining down on you lately!

And so many lovely things you've made!