Thursday, August 28, 2008

Couldn't wait to show you

I had to stop and get groceries at Kroger and Goodwill is next door so I had to go in. First of all I found this amazing pyrex bowl. Look it has roosters on it (I love roosters). Never seen this before, not even at the antique mall. I have got to find more of these. I'm addicted.
I also found this pyrex that matches the one I got the other day. It is a divider bowl.

A cute pillowcase that is very yellow. How do I get the yellow out? Does bleach work or should I use vinegar?
So now I can calm down and sew.


lera said...

I think I have a few of the same Pyrex pattern, but mine are white with brown roosters.

When I buy things with stains, I soak in detergent and Biz. Sometimes as long as a day. It helps a lot. (Also, for small spots, the Clorox Bleach Pen works amazingly.)

Liz said...

I get yellow out with a long soak. I mix in detergent and oxy clean. I use the baby stain oxy clean becasue that's what I happen to have. It works like a charm. It gets out that old linnen smell, too.

My Inspired Heart said...

Love the pyrex :) So glad you stopped by to visit me! Your blog is great, too!

As far as the yellow....I've had mixed results using a bit of cascade liquid to soak in a sink....

Cici said...

so many good suggestions on the yellow. a good dose of sun provides a fair amount of progress, too.

lots of pyrex love going on.