Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Work in Progress

Making a quilt for Jakob. I've made him 3 quilts in 11 years. It's time for a big boy quilt. His Dad had some old well worn jeans Lori was going to throw out, so I decided to use these as part of the quilt. I need more jeans. I've made 3 rows so far. I want to have 9 rows with a border. It is a "quilt as you go" rag quilt. This is my first time making one.

Dress for Layla. She had to have Sponge Bob. Had to buy this at Joann's, but I had a 40% off coupon.


Liz said...

I love those 40% off coupons. I plan to use one tomorrow to get fabric for a new shower curtain.

lera said...

A Spongebob dress? That's gonna be cute! And unique.