Friday, January 30, 2009

New baby, grandchildren and sewing

My niece had her baby Wednesday January 28th. I haven't seen him yet, but will definitely have a picture by Sunday. Mom and baby are fine.

I know it's not Summer, but Ruby doesn't. Most of the time it's just panties. This is a dress that was Layla's. Lori is putting it in a consignment sale. But look how cute it is on Ruby. She's a princess.

Got on Amazon and someone had the Stitch by Stitch books. Seems there are 20 volumes and an index book. Some of them were as low as .38. But the shipping is $3.99. That would be for each book I ordered. Think I'll wait a while on that. The volume 1 was $3.99.

Getting out my Spring material and had to make another purse. The purse is from material I bought last year at Joann's in their Home Dec department. I had bought different pieces to make purses when it was on sale.


Maggie said...

Does the bag have a handmade tag by one of your grand kids?

lera said...

Cute dress on a cute girl. And great bag. (I'm still carrying around my candy cane tote.)

Liz said...

Very cute. (The kids and the projects.)