Friday, April 3, 2009

Thrift find with stormy weather

Found this apron yesterday at Our Thrift Store in Franklin (also found 3 pair shorts for Layla and Ruby). Second one I've found there for $1.00. I have pretty good luck at this store. I've found myself clothes there. Apron needs to be washed. It has several stains. Bought me this pattern at Walmart yesterday (during the storm). There was a tornado warning while I was there and everyone had to stand in the middle of the store. I thought most places want you to be in the back of the store. We were standing there for 10 minutes. It was pretty scary. But no touch downs in that area. Nashville had a tornado with some damage in areas.

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lera said...

Cute apron.

That sure is scary about the tornado. I would have been a little freaked out if it were me. How were the people handling it?