Sunday, June 3, 2012

New sheets, my new (old) planter and SMS winning

Since I've used so many sheets on my new quilt I just had to buy some more. These 2 were .99 each and the pillowcase was .99.

I had seen a swan planter just like this one at an antique store and it reminded me that my Mom had one when I was little.  She said "I think I still have it.  It's in the smokehouse and very dirty and maybe even cracked".  I said "I don't care if it's cracked or dirty.  I want it.".  So here it is with some lovely ivy she gave me.  She said her Mom gave it to her. I remember it sitting on the coffee table with  a philodendron plant inside.  My aunt on my Dad's side also has this swan. 

 I won this lovely fabric on Sew Mam Sew giveaway. Thanks Christy at Hopeful Threads.

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