Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Updates on my life

Saturday I decided I wanted to put up my clothesline I've had a few months. Thomas helped me put it up and it's ready to go. We went in to check on clothes in the dryer and guess what? The dryer wasn't heating at all. It is still under warranty and they should be here tomorrow to fix it. Isn't that strange?

I haven't finished painting Anthony's house yet, but we did put up the siding we bought. It looks like a different house. See the before picture here. When it stops raining I'll be finishing it.


CindyLou said...

The house is looking good! Your tutu's are cute! How was the circus? I haven't been there in years!

lera said...

Our dryer stopped heating this past March, but it was like 14 years old and no warranty. I had to dry clothes on the line in March. I nearly froze to death.

(Sounds like you had perfect timing with hanging the clothesline.)