Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crafting on Saturday

I helped Layla and Ruby make these photo frames from the Martha Stewart crafts. We put magnets on the back. Layla made hers for her friend Maggie which is the picture. Ruby made hers for BB her cat. The bottom picture they made for my brother, Grandpa Jeff with baby Aiden.
Layla and I have been working on this hat for a while and finally finished it. This was from a kit, but would be so easy to create. All of it was done by hand. The back is cross stitched to make a pretty design. Gather the top and make pom pom's to add to the top.

Their ready to go to two birthday parties today.


Liz said...

Very cute.

Momma B said...

It looks like you have been having fun! Very cute magnets and I love the hat!

CindyLou said...

Love the hat! She must be so proud of it! I looks great on her.

lera said...

Cute hat!