Friday, October 23, 2009

Gifts I've made

Today is Layla's birthday, so of course she had to have a number 6 shirt. The sweatshirt was new, but it came from a thrift store for $1.00. Added the chenille rick-rack, which I love.

A tween friend of the family wanted me to make her a polka-dot purse. She's 11 hope she likes it. I did use one of my favorite buttons.
Aiden should love this taggie.


Laurie said...

Hello! You know how it goes on the World Wide WEB! I got "caught" here! I noticed the brilliant "taggie" which I'd never seen. One of our grand daughters, Eleanor, loves the tag on her blankie. (She's almost done with her "bah bah".) Anyway, I enjoyed lookin around! Happy sewing. I don't sew, but certainly appreciate those who do. Blessings!

Momma B said...

Good job, Lady! You did a fabulous job on all of them! Gotta love those great finds! You seem to find a LOT of them!