Friday, July 17, 2009

Thrifting today

Went to Goodwill today and got some goodies. They had lots of zippers, but I didn't need them all. The pillowcase is handmade and very cute. I'm sure the yellow lace is crocheted. I've got to find something pretty special for that.

Just got the fabric for Ruby's quilt. I was waiting for the sale this week. It's Debbie Mum and it was buy 2 yards, get 1 free. I'll be busy with that for a while.

The weather is so beautiful here. My husband and I went motorcycle riding today and it was great.

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Momma B said...

Glad you had a good day riding the bike!

As for the goodies, WooHoo! It always feels great to get something you can work with, for so little! I bought a few things of yarn yesterday. I did not NEED them, but I really did NEED them, because they were only $1.19 each! I can certainly find a reason to work with them for that price!