Thursday, July 2, 2009

Please help

I got these shams yesterday at my favorite thrift store. $1.99 each. I love the fabric. Please help me find out where to find fabric that would match. I want curtains to match and the quilt that matches. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks.


Momma B said...

I wish I could help! Actually, maybe I can? I am not sure if this will do you any good or not, but try contacting Randi at and maybe she knows a good place, but I also think she has an Etsy store and might have something there?

Allison said...

I have no idea, but maybe a pretty muted brown would match if you can't find anything the same. Thanks for stopping by and linking -Allison

CindyLou said...

I know I have seen that pattern! I will keep my eye out for this at the thrift stores. I am thinking it may have been sold at Target and is a Waverly pattern. Don't take that as fact, just a guess!