Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thrifted baby crib sheets

I got 2 cute little baby crib sheets for .59 at a thrift store. They look really vintage to me, but who knows. I don't have any little babies that need them, but I know I'll use them for something one day.


Momma B said...

I bet you will! You know, you could use them to make curtain toppers, a diaper holder (one of those things one a hanger), and, and, and...because you are crafty like that!

lera said...

That is very cute. It looks vintage to me! Nowadays everything is Mickey Mouse, Pooh, etc. Nothing fun and colorful like those.

(I'm way behind on blog-reading. I'm trying to catch up right now.)

Anissa said...

I like the print of those crib sheets... Colorful stuff is best for baby bedding!!