Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thrift finds and time with the grandkids

First I'll show the beautiful Ruby showing off the 3 separate pieces I found. They weren't together and I got them at different places. I found the skirt and hat a while back. The top came from Goodwill this week. The red top Layla is wearing came from Goodwill and matches her skirt perfectly. Also found Ruby's dress there. It was brand new and has a headband.

We all went to the movies Friday to see "Night at the Musuem II". Jakob wanted to see it. It was okay. I had to take out a small loan to pay for movie and snacks. For the 4 of us I spent $50.00. I didn't buy anything for me.
Found this material at a different store. I see a dress or skirt in my future.
Got this gingerbread apron at Goodwill for $.99
This is an apron hanger for my dining room.
I love this candle holder.

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CindyLou said...

Wow you had some good luck thrifting! I love the candle holder! The girls look so cute in their outfits. Movies are way too expensive! One of the reasons I don't go to them.