Monday, May 18, 2009

My bag and a yard sale

This is my first grocery bag. It's made from a shower curtain I thrifted here.
Found lots of material at a yard sale over the weekend. The lady didn't have prices on any thing. She wanted me to tell her the price.
Also got lots of notions.


CindyLou said...

Love your grocery bag. The fabric is pretty! Looks like you found some great fabric and notions at the yard sale. I love the polka dot fabric.

Maggie said...

Good finds! Once I started using cloth grocery bags, there was no turning back! They hold so much more, and they don't break. And not using all of those plastic bags is a good feeling.

Lauranie said...

I need to start going to more yard sales!! Great finds! And I love the bag! Don't you love making things with thrifted stuff! It is so fulfilling! Thanks for visiting my blog and participating in my giveaway! Good Luck!