Monday, September 29, 2008

Loving my time off

It is so nice to have this time at home. I am enjoying it so much. Last week was a catch up week, finishing jobs that needed to be done before cold weather sets in. Today may be the last day in the 80's. That's okay I love the 70's too.

Kept the grandchildren Friday. We had a picnic and played outside a lot. Ruby took a 2-1/2 hour nap so it was Layla and Mamoe time. Layla took a picture of me and my project (it's a dolphin).

Picked green beans, okra, tomatoes, pears, banana peppers and turnip greens from my Dad's garden. Canned the green beans, put everything else in the freezer. So we had a great dinner with fresh green beans, fried okra and green tomatoes, apples, and turnip greens.

With my freezer getting full now we had to go out and buy one. It't 3.5 cubic feet, love it.

My Fall table.

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My Inspired Heart said...

Oh what you had for dinner! Nothing better than fried okra and green tomatoes...just a spoon of butter beans and I'd have a meal :) Sounds like you all had a wonderful harvest...all that preserved food will be such a blessing in the winter months :)