Saturday, September 13, 2008

Coffee cups, a purse and my porch

What can I say, another purse and organizer. This one is for Lori. I've had the material quite a while, came from Joann's and the lining is something I've had for a few years. Hope she likes it.

2 cute rooster cups and a little rooster Lori found for me at a thrift store. I love them all and I love her.

Been working on my screened in porch. Made the pillows from $1.50 vinyl tablecloths from Kmart. The red fabric was on sale at Joann's a few weeks ago and I needed it.


lera said...

I see you've been busy!

I love the rooster mugs. Too cute!

Ashley Ann said...

I love the fabric on the outside of that purse. It's so pretty.

I'm also digging the roosters. I wish I had more room in my cupboards for some crazy mugs!