Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My unexpected family reunion & some thrifting

Today was a beautiful day here , temps in the upper 70's. My Dad and I went to my Aunt Mildred's for a short reunion. My Uncle Charles, Aunt Charlotte and my cousin Jesse visited on their way back home (to Georgia) from a visit to Chicago to visit their son Jason and family. This is Aunt Beverly from Nashville . Later both of my brothers came by.
Aunt Mildred's roses in full bloom.
She gave me these hen and chicks and this other plant. Not sure what it is.
Aunt Mildred, Daddy, Uncle Charles, Aunt Charlotte, Jesse
Lori, the grandkids and I visited Vickie yesterday and stayed all day. She was in high spirits and played with the kids. Today she wasn't able to come to Aunt Mildred's. She wasn't feeling well. Lori and I stopped in Spring Hill at Goodwill and got a tin for my flour and a cute little cup that looks so familiar. They just had one.
Also got these sheets and 2 pillowcases.
Thanks for stopping by.


Ashley Ann said...

That looks so fun! Good thrifting haul!

Liz said...

Those embroidered pillow cases look great! I see pillowcase dresses!

Maggie said...

Hens and Chicks is such a nice plant for sharing.