Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Thrifting Adventures

This thrifting adventure is for 2 weeks worth of 4 different Goodwill stores, 4 other thrift stores.
First of all this little metal table brings back memories of  the 60's.  One of my aunt's had one similar when I was little. It comes apart easily to store. Perfect for the grandkids.  (Maybe now I won't have food on my bed).

I plan on putting this in my shop. The original cost was .25. It doesn't have a year on it. I'm guessing '50's.

I love the cheese tray. Just found it yesterday searching the thrift stores of Charlotte Ave. in Nashville.  I guess the side tray is for crackers.

I also found this tablecloth on Charlotte. Fits my table perfect.

I had this for a few weeks. Perfect for my dining table. My brother always needs a toothpick.

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