Sunday, September 6, 2009

My .99 top

This man's shirt was .99 from Goodwill. I used New Look 6677 . I really do like this pattern, great fit. I didn't have enough fabric to make the sleeves any longer and didn't want to use any more solid blue.

I've been pretty busy lately. Still painting and watching Ruby a few days. She's really good going shopping. She sees a lot of things she wants, but if I tell her "no" she's like "okay". I also kept all 3 Friday night and Saturday night. Jakob was sick last week. Doctor thought he had H1N1. They did a test and still don't have the results back. He was much better Saturday and today. It seemed to last about 3 days. I know the H1N1 virus last up to 7 days. He seems to be over it.


Momma B said...

Right about the time that virus was being recognized, my family was SO sick and I swore that is what they had! I don't remember now if I got sick or not, but I am thinking it was just my 9 and 12 year old that did not get sick at all. All of the rest were violently ill for up to like 9 days! I figured it had spread farther faster, because not everyone runs to the dr or hospital when they are sick, so the officials of the world would never know where it had really spread to.

Anyway, I hope he is feeling better and that no one else gets it!!

Maggie said...

Your new shirt turned out so nicely!

lera said...

Cute shirt. No before photo??

Hope your little man feels better soon. I think they tested me for H1N1 back when I was sick for those two weeks. Didn't have it.

CindyLou said...

Love the way you combined the fabrics. Looks comfy! I have been keeping my eye on the men's shirts on 99 cent day at the Goodwill. So far no luck!
Hope it isn't the H1N1 virus. My daughter's school just had a confirmed case, so we are trying to be extra careful!