Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Elvis Skirt

My Aunt Lousie has given me lots of fabric, so I shared with Ashley. Pattern is Simplicity 2906. It only takes 7/8 yard of fabric if you make size 14 or below. Only took a half hour to make. It took longer than that to figure out what size she needed and cutting it out. I made it Saturday night while Vickie, Ashley and I watched Dirty Dancing. Picture is a little blurry, but she is lovely.


CindyLou said...

How Cute! She looks adorable in it! I love the fast projects that turn out great!

My Great Retreat said...

What a great skirt! We have some serious Elvis fans (myself included) in our family. I cannot sew at all though. You should check out My Great Retreat, a crafty forum for all kinds of crafty women!


lera said...

That's a cute skirt. And original.