Monday, June 29, 2009

Layla and Ruby chasing squirrels

PeaceMy girls love to watch the squirrels. Layla really wanted to get some close up pictures, but the squirrels are camera shy. She makes me read Oodles and Oodles blog about the baby squirrel she found in her back yard. It is now marked as one of our favorites.
Those girls are getting close. Their up in the tree baby girl.
This is what squirrels eat.We had a lot of fun this weekend with the girls. They always make me laugh.


Momma B said...

In our little town, the squirrels have been known to bite!

CindyLou said...

We have so many squirrels this year! Rabbits and birds too. They only one chasing around here is the cat and dogs. They don't realize those collars with tags give them away every time!