Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Buttercup Bag and Wallet Purse

I've been busy this week. So far I've made 2 purses, 1 child gown, and an apron.
I made the buttercup bag from Made By Rae. It was very easy to make. It is a very small purse, maybe even too small for me.
Then I made this wallet purse from Favorite Things. It was kind of complicated. Now that I finished it, the next one should be a lot easier. The buttons are Debbie Mumm. I love her buttons.


Maggie said...

Nice! I'm hoping to make the Buttercup Bag soon. I've had it bookmarked forever.

Momma B said...

You have been busy! I really like the Buttercup Bag! It is very pretty! I am not sure that I could sew a bag, but I can crochet one! ha! I like to sew, but am not quite on your level!!! You do a great job at whipping things up!

jaybird said...

super cute!! i can't wait to see the coupon clutch when you make it!

lera said...

I have yet to make that bag! Darn. And that's a cute wallet purse. Never saw that style before.