Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Ruby Girl and Doll Patterns

Haven't been feeling my best for almost 2 weeks now. Today is the first day I wanted to get off the couch and actually do something. Think it's allergies. Still haven't finished Jakob's quilt, but I'm working on it.

Got a lot of things I want to make. Layla has an 18" doll (Alley). Remember to take batteries out of Alley. I have lots of patterns for her. This is half of them. Been collecting these for a while. Most were .99, never paid more than $1.99.
This little baby loves to pose. I had her all to myself and she was willing to pose.


lera said...

Ugh! You've been sick, too? This cold thing of mine is killing me!

Can't wait to see your doll clothes. My grandmother (not THE Mom-Mom) used to make my sister and I Barbie clothes. We loved them dearly. My grandmother has been dead for 35 years and we still treasure those clothes.

Maggie said...

I have some of the same doll patterns. Those are fun to make because they're not teeny tiny. I made tons of pants, capri pants and skirts, back when my friends' daughters were into that. My friend gave me some pjs her daughter had grown out of, and I cut them up and made pjs for her doll. SO cute!