Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Sewing - Lounge pants

Maggie from Vingt Centimes and Liz from The Quilted Turtle are hosting a "Weekend Sewing" projects from Heather Ross's book. I decided to join and made these lounge pants for my niece Ashley. I had to change the pattern a bit. First of all she wanted the pants to hang on her hips. So I cut off 4 inches at the top. Then I added a drawstring instead of elastic. Made from one of my sheets she had picked out. When I got the sheet she wanted a dress from it. I started to cut it out and noticed white paint on the sheet. It just wasn't enough for the dress, but the pants work. Can't wait until she sees them.


Liz said...

Yeah! I haven't made these yet but they are on my list. Yours look great.

alotalot said...

I have been thinking about making these next. I have some other pj pant patterns that I don't love, but these look baggy and comfy! I might use your tip and cut some inches off the top too.

lera said...

Ooh. I like these.