Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Busy Making School Clothes

Ruby said this is the best outfit I've ever made for her.  It is made from flannel and I thought it would be too hot to wear it now, but she didn't think so. Hopefully she will wear a little shirt underneath.  The top is from Simplicity 1674.  It's so easy I made 3 of them. Two for Ruby and one for Layla.  Also made 3 skirts from Simplicity 4439.
Made each child a pair of capri's from Simplicity 4209.  Also very easy to make.

Sally, I think this is from the fabric you sent me. I still have about 2 yards.  Ruby fell in love with it.

Layla waiting on the bus.

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Sally said...

Yay! The girls look so cute in the outfits you made them. I'm happy that Ruby fell in love with that fabric and you've been able to use some of it!