Thursday, December 6, 2012

Making Ornaments

Hope everyone takes some time to sew some ornaments. They really are fun to make. I've got some others printed out to start on later.
Layla and Ruby really love Angry Birds so I've been searching for patterns.  First I found this one. I loved the idea of beanbags.  Then this post had some awesome patterns. These are Layla's and she wanted them to be beanbags. My husband (Dadoe) is making her a slingshot to use with these.
 I really adored  this beautiful ornament on etsy. I made my own. Not as pretty but I like it.

I printed out this pattern last year and just now making it. Partridge pattern is here.
 Then I made this lovely snowflake ornament found here.


Skooks said...

These look great, Brenda! I am working on some right now too:

Blogger said...

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