Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bag from a thrifted skirt

First of all I love Wednesdays at Goodwill. Of course it's .99 day on color of the week. I bought 12 items and all were flannel. I'm planning on making a scrappy quilt. I got this skirt and loved the fabric. All I could see was a bag when I looked at it. I'm pretty sure it's flannel, but has this wool look to it. So I cut it out and added the big bow last night. I'm putting in on Etsy today. Thanks for stopping by.


Sally said...

I love this fabric that you used to make the bag! Every time I see the things you find at Goodwill and make into other things, I become quite envious. I guess I need to plan more trips to Goodwill :-)

Lora said...

so cute!! i love that bow. :)

Catherine said...

This is lovely!