Monday, August 15, 2011

Pillow Tutorial

It's a lot of fun trying to find the right pieces for these pillows. The lady I'm consigning with suggested custom made pillows. Maybe pieces you have from loved ones that have passed (I did this with my sister's pieces for my niece and nephew).
1. First I lay out the main piece in the middle on a white piece of fabric (I used 14 x 14 white sheet), then start building around it.
Auditioning pieces as you go.

2. Start adding other pieces to fit around the edges.

3. Zigzag around each piece, so they won't ravel.

4. Straight stitch pretty lace around the edges (some of the pieces already had lace.)
5. Sew around the outside edges of pillow
6. Then add lace of chose. This lace was new, but I love adding older laces, maybe from pillowcases.
7. Sew right sides together ( I used a pretty pillowcase for the back) and leave opening at bottom for stuffing. Stuff and hand sew the bottom.

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CindyLou said...

Your pillows and purses are really pretty! Thanks for the tutorial! I will hopefully be able to try this once, we are through moving our offices and get through Son #2's wedding in October!

ricebabies said...

Very pretty. I will be attempting my first pillow this week. Just a simple one though.

Pam said...

Very clever!!! You've created a very pretty pillow...

Pam said...

Hi Brenda, I've featured your Vintage Pillow today...

soledad rodriguez said...

Beautiful cushion, if I find suitable pieces makes one. Thanks for the tutorial
A hug from Spain