Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thrift Finds

I've really been finding lots of good stuff at Goodwill lately. This is a small soap dish.

I really love this Holly Hobby vase. Layla will love it too.
The next two items are musical. They are both "Made in Japan". The first one plays "Mary Had A Little Lamb". We can't figure out the song on the duck figurine.

This is really cute. Looks like a tea cozy. I just loved the colors.


Deb said...

Super cute finds, I love Holly Hobbie vase, it's amazing.

Melissa said...

I need to go shopping with you:) Love the Holly Hobby vase. She was popular when I was little and I don't have anything left with her on it:( I wish I had kept more of my childhood treasures. Love the tea cozy, too:)

CindyLou said...

I have been having good luck too. I think it is from everyone wanting that tax write off at the end of the year! Thank you IRS!