Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas finds at Goodwill

I went in to Goodwill today looking for Christmas things and that's what I found. This very cute tin (which I love). A huge bowl for adding ornaments and lights. I plan on adding some greenery.
This a cute little tin

I actually went in looking for a coffee mug tree and found this awesome ornament holder. Cups fit perfecting and ornaments too. I also got that cup in the front with the red designs on it.


Momma B said...

It looks like you do what I do, when I go to the grocery store! I go in with ONE THING in mind and come out with a WHOLE BUNCH MORE, but speaking in thrift store terms, you probably came out with a whole lot for just a little! :)

CindyLou said...

Great idea using the ornament hanger for coffee cups! You have been busy! I love Ruby's horse outfit!