Thursday, September 16, 2010

View from my porch

I really love my Hens and Chickens this year. They have grown so much. Best of all my Aunt Mildred gave me 2 and now my pot is full. Love them. Love mums
This is my favorite thing of the summer. Lowes had these this year in lots of retro colors. They were $98. I really didn't want to spend that, so then they were $75. Still a little steep for me. Last week I checked their home page and they were $49. That's what I was waiting for. The store nearest me had limited quantities. We ran right over. Looked all over and finally there it was. The only one left and the exact color I wanted. It was very hard to put together. Thomas had to help me finish and here it is.( It even came with a little extra green paint for touch ups.


lera said...

We ALMOST bought the same seating. I saw it at Lowes on Labor Day when we picked up paint for the kitchen. It almost came home with me (SAME color even), except we didn't have room in my Expedition for it. I went back a few days later for something else and I didn't see any more.

CindyLou said...

That is super cute and what a deal! Happy Birthday! Love your pyrex bowls. I have a little collection of them too!