Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New clothes for the girls

It was soooooooo hot yesterday and a good day to stay in, soooooo I made the girls these outfits. The skirts were simply measure cut and add elastic. The tops are McCalls 9369. Little girls look cute in these little short tops, but they didn't want any belly to show. I added lace to Ruby's and later added lace to Layla's. They weren't too crazy about their backs showing either. Ruby's is thrifted fabric from last week and Layla's came off the bolt at Joann's last Summer. Look at those tans. They just came back from swimming.

1 comment:

CindyLou said...

They look adorable! I love the outfits! I think the lace at the bottom of the shirt looks fantastic!
Great idea! I don't like bellies showing either!