Monday, March 1, 2010

Rice bag and Ipod Touch pouch

At our RELAY FOR LIFE benefit on March 27th we're having a live auction and a silent auction. So far I've made this rice bag for a Rejuvenation Basket (bought lotions and pink bath towels for this). We get businesses in the area to donate items and we also buy items or make them to add to the baskets. We're having a Coffee Basket so I've bought coffee cups, a couple of different coffees and Starbucks donated coffee. I plan on making some coffee mug holders and coasters.

I made this pouch for Ashley's Ipod Touch. The button is vintage (I have one more of these). The picture looks yellow, but it's not really yellow. She loved it.


Momma B said...

ha! Love the Elvis liner! Very neat! The breast cancer material is very nice!

CindyLou said...

I love the paisley fabric on the ipod pouch! Looks great!!! I make rice bags also, but I never tried the channeling you did. We love rice bags! We had one riding in the car with us to school this morning! Sounds like your getting a good start to the auction items! I'm usually racing at the last moment!