Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cindy Lou's new etsy shop

Cindy Lou has just opened her etsy shop. She's just getting started, so keep her in mind if you're looking for a handmade gift.


Snot Head said...

Looks good so far, but one big tip that people told me over and over is to include as many pictures as possible. People like to see different views. If they walk into a retail store, they can pick things up and check them out. Since they can't do that with online items, it helps to show them lots of angles, and even to show them an aerial view of the inside of the purses/bags. The banner looks very cute, and the avatar looks approachable and friendly. Great start!

Snot Head said...

People really want to feel like they get to know a little about you when they are shopping in your store, so she should definitely post some info to her profile about herself, how she got started, what she likes about her craft, what inspires her, and what her favorite materials to work with are. She needs to set herself apart from the crowd. Also, people want a realistic idea of what they can expect from you, so policies should be set up fast. Mine are pretty basic, but people just want to see that there is some structure/rules. Etsy gives you suggestions for setting up policies.

Momma B said...

I think she is doing great! It takes a little while to get the hang of all the "Etsy stuff!" I marked her as one of my favorites!

You could tell her if she marks people as her favorites, because she likes their shops, they will see that she marked them and may go back and look at her shop to see if the like it and want to mark her as a favorite...might help create some traffic?!