Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thrifting, Layla and Me

Got lots of things to show. All of these patterns came from Encores & More consignment sale this past Friday. All of the smocked patterns were in one pack and they were $5.00. Got these at Goodwill. I found a saucer once before so I guess it goes with this cup. I've decided this is the pattern I want to collect.
Pillowcases from Goodwill. Bonus picture of Layla and me. She wanted me to show her how the timer worked on my camera.


lera said...

Man, you've been very lucky in the thrifting department lately. Love those patterns (especially the ladies one!) and the dishes and pillowcases -- so funky!

And that's a cute pic of you and Layla together.

Sally said...

I was just at my local Goodwill store today and I almost bought a bowl that matches your mug pictured in this post!